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Missouri: More innovation, more FDI, more success

January 5, 2022

The location of choice for companies entering the US market, Missouri is a melting pot of multinational expertise and progressive startups

In mid-2021, the US Tax Foundation’s Location Matters index was released, ranking each US state according to a long list of factors across various business scenarios. A year before this important report, Missouri dropped its corporate tax rate to 4%, and made other adjustments in tax policy, while also reducing regulations. Situated in the Midwest – an increasingly popular investment destination for global companies, with an economy ranked fourth in the world and a GDP of $4.2tn – Missouri is now ranked higher than every surrounding state including Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

In the Location Matters index, Missouri ranks tenth overall for new business and fourth-best for labour-intensive manufacturing facilities. The Tax Foundation also ranks Missouri as third best on its corporate tax index, a jump of two spots from 2020. Combined with generous incentives, Missouri represents a solid financial investment for companies expanding into the United States.