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Pivot Bio: New data shows potential of agriculture’s most promising climate breakthrough

June 22, 2023

Pivot Bio, a sustainable agriculture company, documents how their products are being used by farmers to improve their productivity and profitability without synthetic fertilizer polluting local rivers or contributing to climate change. New data in the company’s inaugural Impact Report, alongside newly published university and third-party research, shows how the technology is enabling farmers to transform agriculture to the benefit of the planet.

“For the first time at scale – farmers have a tool they can use to confidently grow the food the world needs while avoiding the nitrogen pollution that is leading to large-scale environmental harm. This data shows farmers are using biological nitrogen to reliably increase their productivity, profitability, and sustainability,” said Karsten Temme, CEO and co-founder of Pivot Bio. “Our team serves thousands of growers across millions of acres; we’re developing products on four continents and our innovation pipeline is primed to supply most of the nitrogen for the world’s cereal crops in the coming years, so excited for what the future will hold.”