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BRDG Park at the Danforth Plant Science Center Campus Aerial


Startups find space to grow at Danforth Center

February 16, 2021

The Danforth Plant Science Center, along with BRDG Park, has enabled Mike DeCamp to get a foothold in his business.

DeCamp, chief operating officer of the startup CoverCress, is one of more than a dozen firms that have taken up residence in BRDG Park, a plant science incubator connected to the Danforth Center. The resources available to the company’s scientists are a godsend, he said.

“We utilize the greenhouse space at Danforth as part of our operation,” he said. “BRDG Park is a first-class space.”

The company, formed in 2016, is working on improving genetics of pennycress, an emerging cash crop used for both animal feed and as a source for renewable fuel.

CoverCress is working on enhancing pennycress through both traditional plant breeding and gene edition, including CRISPR technology. The company formerly shared space in the Helix business incubator before moving to BRDG Park.